Friday, November 5, 2010

Dear Dee Dee,

Its been a while since I updated this space..updating less doesn't mean Che Che dun love u anymore. I still do, as much as I did lastime. 

We went to All Souls day last Sunday and everyone who has relatives visiting them had a few candles lighted & flowers placed on their graveyard. I'm not sure do we celebrate All Souls day for furkids but I'm sure I meet you more than I meet my ancestor. 

I didn't want your resting place to be empty, so cheh cheh bought you lotsa flowers too :)
Really hope you like them; did put on some ornamental stones on your resting place so weed doesn't get on your way..I don;t want your place to be messy & unattended. 

For the first time last night, I spoke about your death with my fiends. About the questions, the regret, the guilt and the anger I hold on Mama for not telling me the truth on whatever that has happened to you which led to your departure. 

I dreamt of you again last night; I know you're still with me at home sometimes coz I really felt it. 
Several days back I think I saw someone who resembles you in the ad; I was very ecstatic. For an instance I thought it was you with the eyes. However the location has deterred me..I believe if you're meant to be with me, you'll wait for me to go KL next week to see you. 

Dee, please give me a sign as its so hard to find you. I'm starting to realised what I hoped of might just be a lie to myself. The world is so huge; will reincarnations ever happen? Will you be a pomeranian again? Or will we hold each other's hands again?

Still loving you sooo much; Like I said over and over again, I would trade almost anything to have you with me for a few more year. I love you; indeed I do..always and forever