Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 months now...

Dear dee dee,

It has been almost 10 months since you've left me and this wonderful world you've spent your whole life with. Since the last time I blogged to you, so many things has happened. Life is so different now but the one thing that did not change is I'm still pining for you and hoping that I would be able to see you one day.
Its a rainy Saturday afternoon, best time to laze and cuddle you to sleep. I spent too little times with you when you're ageing and hoping I would be home earlier every night. 

We have adopted Pixie (an insane crazy poodle) but my heart doesn't feel the same for her. She was an abused and kinda home-less pup, so we decided to give her a better life. Am sure you've seen her around playing near your resting place, getting her hair burnt on your candles.

Everytime I spoke to you, I wish you met this wonderful man who picked me from some unappreciative being. How I wished you have a chance to meet him. Perhaps If I've known him earlier, you're still around humping on the dolls. 

Life is a very weird and unexpected journey. We walked, climbed, fall and meet someone unexpected along the journey. Sometimes you are united and sometimes you just bypass each other. Another once important person in my life almost lost his life. Seeing it was painful but glad he did what was right ie to end our union hence I can be freed of all the pain & sufferings of sharing him with another woman.

I really wish my journey of search has ended, its been a tiring road. 

It would be nice if you're still around coz I have so much to share with you. 

Life is great if you have a good companion.

Cheh cheh love you very much Dee Dee....really hope you're doing fine up there.

Till we speak again :)

Hugs *

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