Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Dee Dee,

The flowers cheh cheh bought before going to KL is drying up after more than a week. 
Efforts to look for you in Thailand proves futile, all the dogs look sickly and none has anything which can make me fall like I see you. 
Cheh cheh & kor kor went to see another pom today and although she is cute, but I just felt it wasn't you.
I believe you're still somewhere waiting for cheh cheh to take you home...I hope you could give me a sign to lead me to you. 

As much as people say they will meet their lovers in afterlife, I want to have you again as my baby after ur previous life. Please tell me you want too..I really miss you very much. 
When Jimmy says Chokdee is sick, I wish you could give me a chance to go to the vet too. I don't mind paying very much if only I could hold you in my hands...
Really love you have a better life now Dee Dee

Cheh cheh miss you...the room is clean now but you;re not around with me.

Its raining, cold and windy...it would be nice if you could be indoors rather than getting yourself wet in the soil.

The rain still hasnt stop, I still cant light candles and lay the chrysanthemums on your resting place. 
Dee... cheh cheh really want to hold you tight and apologise for not being sensitive enough to your sickness.

I love you and still do very much, which makes getting a dog a difficult task. 

I only want to hold you in my arms

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