Monday, September 27, 2010

Dee Dee,

Che Che went to town to get you some flowers - in white, yellow & pink also colored flowers to place on your resting place.
However it rained heavily when I got home, hence the flowers are still lying on my bed with your favourite bear - the only thing of your which I did not bury along..

There are still some white chrysanthemum outside but I just wanted to get you more....I wish you're happy up there. It has been raining alot, so you could sleep and sleep in your favourite Christmas bed and yellow pillow/ bolster set.

Che che miss you...still do everyday. Its been raining alot and I cant light candles for you too. Hope you wont be in darkness.

Hugsss... gudnite Dee Dee. Love you, have a sweet dream and Che Che will too of the memories we shared :)

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  1. hi... i hav a mongrel which i adopted fr. a shelter home. about few mths back,the day b4 his neutering he keep vomiting all the food he ate. i was so worried and cried that time. i stayed up very late that day. i kept looking at him. sooner or later i slept. the next day i saw him very healthy like the incident that happened that nite was juz a dream. so took him to the vet. the vet said he might hav known whats gonna happen so he was scared. after that until now he is so healthy and active. i burst into tears when i saw this blog. although i dunno dee2 it still broke my heart to see this blog. i believe that both of u will be reunited soon. i believe shes waiting for u somewhere. maybe shes reborned or maybe her death was juz a dream. no1 knows only god. although i dunno u im willing to lend u my ears. do email me at if u hav too. example u would like to tell me about dee or ur feelings... thats all from me.. hope to hear from u soon...