Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mooncake Festival

Dear Dee, Aunty Sim told me that you were born in Mid Autumn, I'm not sure how true is that? Can't even find a way to verify it as she has also left for a better place. The last trip we went was futile as her whole family has moved away and no more dogs were left behind. We couldn't find any of your lineage now.

If you were around you'ld be around 11 now :) 

Would love to buy some mooncakes for you eventhough you might not be able to eat it, will just place it at your resting place. 

Love you Dee Dee, I still do although I seldom blog about it.

I jut wish if you are reincarnated, you'll have a good life. that's all I could wish for since the chances of meeting you again seems to be diminishing. 

Please look up to the moon tomorrow and I will too and hopefully we can see each other tomorrow.

Che Che miss you very much

hope people will be eternal. and we share the same moon although we're thousands of miles away

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